Music Center


Our Music center is designed by Jordan Norman a musician and installer for Blue Imp. His placement of instruments such as pagoda bells, xylophone, piano and drums draws in the rich melodies and tones based on acoustic factors influenced by the height of our ceilings to create a resonating harmonic effect.

  • A) Concerts: And text : We have Instructors who have experience in Music, Dance and theatre to choreograph events like Christmas Concerts , St Patrick’s Day , Valentines day and Halloween dance and cultural dances and events such as Diwali . To see more of these concerts go to our facebook link.
  • B) Spring Parent Teacher Interviews held from April- June to discuss student evaluations or formal and summative assessments of student progress.
  • C) Festivals , such as the winter carnival with candles and lanterns lighting up the acreage with a firepit and marshmallow roast with hot chocolate and apple cider.
  • D) Summer graduation Party with hot dogs, and Ice cream hosting outdoor games and water fun.