Fee Schedule

Current Year

Please contact our centre for more information on our current rates.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday | 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Closed on Civic and Stat Holidays.

Lunch and Snacks

Parents are to provide a bag lunch, morning and afternoon snack for their child.

Staff Recruitment

We are looking for Montessori certified teachers with practical training. Please send resume and cover letter to treehousemontessoriyeg@gmail.com

Registration Documents

“If you would like to send in your application for your child to enroll at Treehouse Montessori Child Development Centre, please download the following two application forms and fill them out. Once filled out, please email to the administrative team at Treehouse Montessori at treehousemontessoriyeg@gmail.com. You can also give the centre a call to schedule an appointment for a trial session and further discussion regarding your child’s registration.”

Application Process and Registration

Step 1

Please fill out the downloadable form and email it to treehousemontessoriyeg@gmail.com

2023 Treehouse Montessori Student Application
2023 Treehouse Montessori Parent Intake Application

Step 2

Please fill in the form below to be notified of orientation.